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HuRient Hire Pty. Ltd.(hurient;hurient.com.au) Terms of Use.

Terms of use are subject to change, and will be updated from time to time.

By Using hurient.com.au as well as registering on hurient.com.au as a member/user you agree to the following terms of use.

  • HuRent is a rental portal where individuals, business, companies and other entities can list items for hire/rent or lease, the listings offered will be available to view by members of the public, items must meet the requirements set out in the term of use. The site shall not be used any other purpose.
  • You will not use the site other than intended, and described in the terms of use.
  • No listing for purchase of goods and services are permitted.
  • Listings of illegal goods or goods unfit for purpose is not permitted. During the formation of an agreement to hire/rent or lease both parties of the contract must be satisfied the goods are fit for use, meet all regulatory requirements, and that the operator has where required, the necessary levels of competency, skills and qualifications to safety use the goods offered.
  • HuRient is a hire portal classifieds and does not represent or warrant any goods offered on the site, to the full extent permitted by law
  • by agreeing to the terms of use you are also agreeing to the hurient privacy policy.
  • You accept that you will maintain up to date details regarding your personal details while a user/member of hurient.com.au
  • Your member/user account is your responsibility, usual internet security processes should be followed, including keeping your passwords secure and changing them often. Logout of devices if others have access to them.
  • Hurient does not accept listings for items or poeple that does not meet the catagories defined on the site, if you feel we have missed a catagory please let us know. 
  • users/members can be cancelled at anytime for breaching these terms, posting inappropriate material, breaking the law, or generally using the service other than intended.
  • hurient.com.au may at its sole discretion cancel listings or limit the number of listings available to any user/member.
  • HuRient  is not responsible for the formation of any hire/rental or lease agreement entered into, as with any contract both parties should understand the terms of the agreement offered and accepted. HuRient will not be part of any contract to hire/rent or lease any goods listed on the site.
  • hurient is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of using the site directly or indirectly, to the full extent limited by law.
  • Any unauthorised use of your account must be notified immediately to hurient, you must take all available means availably to secure your account.
  • All information you collect during transactions and/or interaction as a member shall remain confidential at all times.
  • You will not as a user/member intentionally and/or knowingly introduce any malware, spyware, virus, trojan or other malicious software  to the site.
  • You agree when listing any goods that you have the authority to enter into a rental/hire or lease agreement for the listed goods.
  • You agree when listing items on hurient.com.au that you own or have the permission from the copyright owner to use any text and photos published on the site.
  • multiple listings for the same or similar item by a single account is not permitted, fair use for all please.
  • it is recommended all rental agreements, be clearly written, noting and signed by all entities clearly stating all terms of the contract including liabilites.
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