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Hurient Hire Pty. Ltd. (hurient; Privacy Policy 

  • The site will collect your personal information, including your name, telephone numbers, email address and business or home address, we do not sell/share this information, other than the information you have chosen to publish whithin you listings. 
  • When listing an item or items on the site you are disclosing your contact details to enable people to contact you.
  • Third party insurance providers who may offer insurance products to you. 
  • Third party advertisers or their agents to provide targeted and/or customised advertising.
  • third party government agencies and/or service providers to detect fraudulent representations on this site, illegal activity, breaches of out terms of use, listings and/or offerings of unsafe or illegal items.
  • third parties who you have given consent to share you information to.
  • Listing items for hire/rent or lease requires third parties to contact you, you are responsible for editing and proof-reading your listings to ensure the information is what you intended to represent, is also accurate and truthful.
  • Hurient may without notice remove any listing.
  • Hurient may remove and/or cancel any user without notice.
  • Third parties when required by law, including court orders, subpoena or other legal documents.
  • Third parties where you have requested their service and/or products.
  • Third party service providers that provide or assist in providing any or all services needed for the operation of the site,including but not limited to; payment portals, insurance providers or their agents, advertisers or their agents.
  • In the event of any change of ownership of the site, by merger, sale or other means, the new controlling entity will be bound by the sites current privacy policy until such time that any changes in the privacy policy is made with advanced notice.
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